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At Five Corners, God has called us to make disciples. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, together we lead people to grow in God's family. Our vision is to multiply leaders and out of that overflow, see God transform a targeted group: elementary aged kids and their families.

Every year we want to take some time to evaluate how well we are accomplishing our mission and staying true to our values as a church. Every church feels the pull to measure the ABC's (attendance, buildings, and cash) but our goal of leadership multiplication is measured in spiritual transformation. We want to focus on the Spirit's work of spiritual growth and Jesus' commission to spread the gospel.

Spiritual maturity is hard to measure. In order for us to know if we are winning, we are attempting to measure something that is not entirely tangible. We can see spiritual growth over a long season, but we want to break it down into something that we can each personally reflect on.

This kind of spiritual formation and growth doesn’t happen overnight, and it is never finished. We want to be a church family that constantly looks forward to what God has in store for us to do, while we are here on earth.

Please take about half an hour of personal time before Sunday, March 10 to pray and answer the questions on the following pages so that we can get a snapshot of how we are doing as a church.

Please click the button below to fill out the survey. We will keep this on file for next year, but so you can also begin to keep a record of how you are growing spiritually in the direction that God is leading us at Five Corners please print or save yourself a copy. Right before pressing submit, press Control and P on PC, or Command and P on Mac.

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